What is better: refinishing hardwood floors or replacing them with new hardwood flooring? It all depends on the condition/age and your preferences for hardwood as well as your budget.

Refinishing hardwood floors is almost always cheaper than replacing them in Gloucester County, New Jersey. They will require additional wood to be replaced. Damaged hardwood may include: If you have minor water stains or pet stains, you can repair the damaged sections. The hardwood will look brand new again when you refinish it. It will still cost less than replacing the whole floor.

It’s cheaper to refinish hardwood floors than it is to install new ones.

There are many reasons and benefits for installing hardwood floors.

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Hardwood floor replacement in Glassboro, New Jersey

Original Old Hardwood Floors

You may need a new floor if your floors are very old and have been refinished multiple times. I don’t mean oak floors that are scratched or dinged up. If you can see where the boards connect, it is probably time to get a new floor. You may also need a new floor if your floors feel a bit bouncy or not very strong. Pine floors are less likely to experience this problem because they were used long ago and are therefore softer.

Change Hardwood Floor Species

The hardwood can be replaced if you decide to change its species. The majority of Gloucester County homes have oak flooring. Oak is a popular choice for its unique graining and look. However, some customers love the oak look. If you’re looking for a particular look, then changing woods could be an option. However, you can stain floors that are not your preferred color. You can easily make changes to the color you like.

Change Hardwood Floor Dimension or Width

You can change the direction or width of the hardwood by installing a new flooring. Standard home is an oak 2 1/4 inch strip. Nowadays, it is more fashionable and common to choose wider planks like 3 1/4″ or 4″ or even 5″ planks. These planks are more contemporary and give the room a larger feel. You can also make your rooms appear larger by laying the planks along a diagonal. This allows you to follow your eye down the entire length of the room. Or you can go crazy and create borders or a herringbone design.


You may be able to replace parquet hardwood floors with regular hardwood planks if they are not in good condition. Parquet is out of fashion. The small squares make the room seem smaller. The room will appear larger and nicer if it is made of long strips.

Quick Hardwood Floors

You will have less mess and take less time to replace the floors than refinishing them. Refinishing hardwood floors takes a lot of time and is messy. It can be especially difficult if you have furniture and are living in the house. Hardwood floors can take as long as 4-5 days to be refinished. You can’t have furniture on the floors or walk on them during this time. This creates logistical nightmares for some homes as the floors are difficult to maintain and can be difficult to clean. You can also replace the hardwood floors with pre-finished hardwood. This is a faster and easier process. It’s also less messy. This is what I’ve seen from many of my customers who prefer to avoid the mess and expense involved in refinishing hardwood floors.

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Hardwood flooring refinishing and repairs.

Wood Flooring Conclusion

Your personal circumstances will determine whether your hardwood floors should be refinished or replaced. Refinishing hardwood floors when you move in to a new place is much more straightforward than if they are already there. The cost of refinishing the floors is far less than replacing them.

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