Gloucester County Home Services offers the most cost effective and safe excavating options for both commercial and residential purposes in the Gloucester County area. Call us or fill out the form below to receive a free no obligation quote. We offer all kinds of solutions to your excavating needs, such as hydro excavation and general excavator work, and much more.


We offer several excavation services.

  • Hydro Excavation in Gloucester County
  • Driveway & Foundation Excavation 
  • Residential Excavation Services 
  • Commercial Excavation 

Driveway Excavation Gloucester County. NJ 

We can prepare you a new driveway or even fix up an existing one. We can use your basic driveway gravel or we can put down a nice layer of crushed stone for a great look. If you are having problems with wash outs, we can grade your drive and pack it in with lime dust and crushed stone.

Residential Excavation 

The basic residential excavator package includes clearing your lot, digging your basement for your foundation, installing your sewer system, backfilling and compacting for your house and garage, grading out your lot, and repairing for driveway asphalt.

Commercial Excavation Salem County, NJ 

From installing storm drains to preparing electric sub station sites, to building campgrounds, to small strip malls, we can do anything. Call us or fill out the form below so we can place a bid on the job!


Demolition is precise work that requires total focus on the details in order to execute each job successfully and safely. Gloucester County Home Services demo contractors have the knowledge and expertise to perform pretty much any demolition job you can think of. Call us or fill out the form below for a free quote.

Our demolition contractors offer a variety of residential demolition services such as pool demolition and driveway demolition and have performed many commercial projects in the area. They will perform demolition and site restoration for residential projects as well as complete HAZMAT clean-up. The size of projects we have completed range from one single dwelling to large apartment complexes.

From new construction to fires to natural disasters, or vacant homes, are reasons why a house needs to be removed. No matter the reason, we can take care of your residential demolition. Our demo companies have the means to demolish a sturdy, concrete and metal structure without hesitation. They have all the tools, equipment, personnel and know-how for you commercial or residential demolition to be completed on time and as requested.

Demolition services are often time-consuming and expensive, but our contractors will always do our best to provide cost effective, safe, quality work to our residential clients. We understand that residential work can be challenging and we do everything to ensure that we protect your assets and that we complete your project in a timely manner. We will always work together with you to ensure that your site is returned to you quickly and in good condition for future use.


Our contractors have the ability to perform a variety of services for the removal of industrial and commercial structures. We provide expert demolition service in Gloucester County, NJ. We have a proven track record of meeting challenging deadlines while maintaining a safe work environment and professional attitude. Specialists in various types of demolition and understand that each client has its own needs and requirements. We perform complete HAZMAT clean-up, demolition, and site preparation for Commercial or Industrial projects as well.

Our demo contractors will make every attempt to ensure that your project is done to your specifications, within your budget and meets your timeline, which is exactly what you should expect from a leading demolition company. Our goal on every project is to provide the highest quality of service, while maintaining safety and providing the client the ability to quickly return their property back to productive use. 

We do pool removal, deck removal, and driveway removal. We can remove any form of concrete. This includes demolishing asphalt driveways, paving stone driveways and retaining walls. We can also demolish garages, barns and sheds as well.

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There are two primary reasons for land grading. First and foremost is proper water drainage. Land grading allows you to use gravity to your advantage, directing all rainfall and storm-water runoff to a low-lying, out-of-the-way location, preferably one that connects to a pond or county drain. Grading for proper water drainage not only prevents floods from occurring in your home, garage or barn, but also promotes the health of any gardens, orchards or pastures. Land grading is also important on roadways and driveways in order to prevent water from collecting on them and causing vehicles to slide.


The second common reason to adjust the slope of the land is for erosion control. Erosion control means stabilizing the land to stop the topsoil—and all the nutrients contained within—from slipping away. Specifically, land grading stabilizes the land by reducing the slope, thus reducing the runoff velocity. Slower-moving water is less powerful and less likely to strip the soil so easily.


Once a house is constructed, clean fill is imported and spread around the house so it is nice and smooth and ready to plant grass or install sod.

Screened topsoil is absolutely the best material to use, but it is very expensive. 95% of the time customers just use clean bank gravel fill for two main reasons:

It is clean and free of sticks and roots and clay. It is the quickest and easiest material to spread out because it doesn’t clump up from the tacky clay material.

Mostly there are three different types of soil:

  • Top soil (the top few inches of soil, which has sticks and roots, but is rich in organics)
  • The sand/clay that is below the topsoil
  • And bank run gravel (where a creek or riverbed used to be)

When our site work contractors build a pad, they scrape all the topsoil away from the house pad area, so after the construction of the house is complete, this topsoil can be used to spread over the clay material that the house pad was built with. This soil is rich in organics from existing sticks and roots.

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