Remodeling & Renovation Contractors in Gloucester County, New Jersey

Gloucester County Home Services has local home remodeling and commercial renovation contractors based right here in Gloucester County, NJ.  That specialize in home remodeling and renovation projects.

From remodeling your kitchen or bathroom to renovating your professional offices or completing your commercial tenant build-out we’re a team of experienced remodeling professionals with excellent, modern solutions for any space.

Gloucester County Home Services has certified general contractors that are licensed and insured. Ready to take on any construction and renovation work within custom homes, condos, office buildings, and all communities in Gloucester County.

Home Remodeling And Commercial Renovation Companies in Gloucester County, NJ

They take great pride in their ability to communicate clearly with clients acting as the sole point of contact throughout the project.  They set appropriate and realistic expectations and work to complete your project according to the plan you’ve agreed upon.


It’s through their unwavering commitment to each and every customer that the businesses continues to grow through the word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations our happy customers continue to give.


We’d love the opportunity to take a look at your potential project so you can see firsthand how easy we are to work with and how knowledgeable we are in the remodeling process.


You want to change your home or commercial property and we’re the company that can do them for you.  Are you ready to get the process started?

Whole Home Remodeling

Whole Home Remodeling Services in Gloucester County

Complete gut-and-remodel renovation services

Are you finally ready to remodel your older home?  Whole home remodeling projects are not minor projects.  They involve gutting your home right down to the studs and completely renovating it into a more modern, enjoyable, and suitable space for your family’s needs.  Whether you’re looking to remodel your entire home or just a single room, we’ll be able to provide you with solutions that look great and will meet your budget.

Why Do You Want To Remodel Your Home?

  • Have you just purchased a home that you need to renovate to meet your needs?
  • Is your current home older and outdated and needs to be modernized?
  • Are you purchasing a fixer upper home that needs extensive remodeling?
  • Do you want to increase your property’s value and curb appeal


Gloucester County Home Services. has full service home remodeling contractors.  They specialize in all aspects of home remodeling from consulting and helping homeowners plan out their remodeling projects to building new bathrooms, new open concept kitchens, building new home additions, or even a new outdoor patio or cooking area.  If you need a professional contractor to build or complete a project on your home, our experienced craftsman will be able to help you.


Home Remodeling Gloucester County, New Jersey

Whatever your home remodeling needs are, we have the construction and management experience to smoothly transform your home into a better place for you and your family to live.

Choosing The Right Contractor For Your Home Remodeling Project

Let’s face it… Anyone with construction experience can buy some tools, get a license, and call themselves a contractor.  This doesn’t mean they are all capable of the same quality and standards regarding their craftsmanship or the customer experience they offer.

Our home improvement contractors are clear communicators. They are careful and safe while working on your property and make every effort to minimize any hassles and stress while we work on your home.  They listen to your needs, pay attention to the finer details, and ensure you are completely satisfied with your finished home improvement project.

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Exterior Remodeling in Gloucester County, NJ

Home Exterior Remodeling And Improvements

Remodeling your home exterior improves the curb appeal of your home, makes a better first impression on visitors, and can help your home stand out in the neighborhood for all the right reasons.  Exterior construction projects like building a new deck or patio can also improve the enjoyment you receive from your property and enhance your outdoor living lifestyle.

Why Do You Want To Remodel Your Home Exterior?

  • Would you like to improve the look of your home?
  • Do you want to replace an aging driveway?
  • Do you want to build a new deck or covered patio?
  • Does your home need new siding or gutters?


Gloucester County Home Services has full service home remodeling contractors.  We specialize in all aspects of exterior home remodeling from removing and replacing failing stucco, to installing some stone veneer siding, building a new brick driveway, or even building a new deck off the back of your home our experienced craftsman will be able to help you with all of your exterior home improvements.


Exterior Remodeling And Construction Services Our Contractors Offer:

  • Replacing damaged stucco exteriors
  • Stone veneer siding installations
  • Deck and patio construction
  • Covered terrace and pergola construction
  • Outdoor cooking area construction
  • New concrete or brick paver driveways

If you want to make some significant improvements to your home exterior, we’d be happy to discuss your options with you and provide you with an estimate to improve the appearance of your home.

Home Addition Contractors

Home Addition Builder Gloucester County, New Jersey

We can build you a spacious, modern, home addition.

Is your family out-growing your current home?  Do you love your current neighborhood and don’t want to go through the stress and hassle of selling your home and buying something bigger and more suitable?  If you have the space on your property then building “out” a new home addition is a great way to increase your living space, make your home more suitable, and also increase your property value too.

Why Do You Want To Build Your Home Addition?

  • Is your family growing and running out of space?
  • Do you need a place for in-laws or guests to stay?
  • Do you want to build a rental suite?
  • Do you want to build a covered porch or sunroom?
  • Do you need to build an office so you can work from home


Gloucester County Home Services has home remodeling and construction contractors serving all of Gloucester County.  They specialize in building beautiful and spacious new home additions for our customers.  Whether you’re looking to add a room, build a covered porch or sunroom, build a new living room, or even an entirely new living space such as a rental suite our team can help.


What You Need To Know About Home Additions

Home additions are extensive projects and to build one properly you need the help of a professional contractor who has experience building these types of projects.  There may be zoning issues, building permits will be required, there will be multiple trades working on the project including electricians, plumbing, and even roofing.

What type of home addition do you want? 

It’s always best to go into this type of project knowing exactly what you want.  Changing your mind once a home addition project has started can potentially be very costly.  Do you want a simple room addition?  Are you looking for a completely new living space?  While both home additions, they are very different projects both in scope and final costs.

Do you have a budget you’re working with? 

Your budget will be the deciding factor in what you can actually do.  Do you want only the finest luxury materials to be used or are you okay with more economical choices?  There are many decisions to be made and you want to make sure your contractor is providing solutions that are going to be within your budget.

Do you have an older home?  

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it’s important to know that once we start tearing into an older home to build an addition there might be surprises.  You might have old deteriorating plumbing, maybe the electrical needs upgrading, maybe there are other issues that need to be repaired.  We’ll take every possible precaution to mitigate these risks but when it comes to big construction projects like an addition it’s important to understand there could be speed bumps along the way.

Before you consider moving ahead with your home addition project, we’d love to come and take a look for you.  We can look at your home and property and determine any challenges we might have to face such as adding onto an older home, property setbacks, zoning or permit issues, and more.  After we’ve discussed your needs and learned a little more about your specific situation, we’ll be able to come up with a brilliant solution for your new home addition.

We Care About Your Home Addition Project.

Commercial Remodeling Contractors

Commercial Remodeling Services in Gloucester County

Do you need to find a reliable, professional, commercial remodeling contractor who can help you remodel or renovate your place of business?  There are many reasons you might want to remodel your commercial space and the most important thing is finding a competent contractor who can complete your project with minimal hassle and inconvenience to your current operations.

What Type Of Commercial Remodeling Do You Need?

  • Do you need to make tenant improvements to a leased space?

  • Do you want to build or remodel your professional offices?

  • Do you want to remodel a restaurant or bar?

  • Would you like to build a staff room or lunch room?

  • Do you need to install retail shelving or case-work to display goods?

  • Do you need to change interior or exterior finishes for branding purposes?

We have construction and remodeling contractors based in South Jersey.  They specialize in completing commercial remodeling projects for businesses of all types.  Whether you need to remodel a doctor or dentist’s office, renovate a restaurant space that needs a makeover, build-out a retail space, or even remodel an interior for branding purposes, we have an experienced team of commercial remodelers ready and waiting to transform your space.

Commercial Remodeling Projects We Complete

  • Commercial tenant build outs
  • Warehouse remodeling and renovations
  • Professional office renovations and remodeling

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